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     Meredith Koch is an Academy Accredited director/writer based out of Los Angeles. She holds a MFA in Directing from the American Film Institute, AFI and a BA in Directing from UCLA.


     Meredith is a director that challenges the status-quo with unexpected characters portrayed through a bold visual lens. She draws from personal experiences in her storytelling to relate to her audience on a deeper level. Her interest in characters' subconscious adds a unique psychological twist on any film, commercial, or music video. 


     Her film, RAKSHA was deemed Best International Short Film at the Delhi International Film Festival and has earned Academy Accreditation as a finalist at the Best of India Film Festival. UBER THOUGHTS, another short of hers has won eight prestigious awards and was a finalist for Best Short Film at Miami Independent Film Festival. She has been featured in USA Today, Indie Shorts Mag, and the Aerogram. 

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